» » Delta Squadron - How To Make A Million Dollars In Seven Days | 1.06 GB

Delta Squadron - How To Make A Million Dollars In Seven Days | 1.06 GB

Delta Squadron - How To Make A Million Dollars In Seven Days | 1.06 GB

Delta Squadron - How To Make A Million Dollars In Seven Days | 1.06 GB

How To Make A Million Dollars In Seven Days'(Delta Squadron) training contains 18 step-by-step videos which show how Michael has made a million dollars in seven days.

Video #1 - Getting Started

- You'll discover the FOUR PILLARS of making massive cash and how to harness their true power.

- How to make more money fast using Wants, Words, Wealth Grenades and The Winning Star strategy.

Video #2 - Wants

- How to unleash the awesome power of Futurecasting and how it can turn even the most disinterested prospects into an army of starving, stampeding buyers.

- The secret devastating effect of The Fairy Tale Factor that transforms visitors into salivating prospects and prospects into raving buyers.

- An easy way to instantly create a "cash cult" of loyal followers who buy everything you tell them to.

- Make more cash in less time and easier than you ever thought possible with the lethal power of the Hole Punch method

Video #3 - Words

- 3 simple ways to propel your profits through the roof!

- The secret to getting all visitors begging you to sell them more stuff!

- How to unleash a profit storm of fast cash sales quicker than ever before using the powerful WordSWARM tactic.

Video #4 - The Winning Star

- An amazing discovery that whips visitors into a rabid buying frenzy desperate to buy anything you want them to!

- In less than 5 minutes you'll instantly gain huge credibility, trust and respect in your marketplace and make tons more easy sales as a result.

Video #5 - The Cashcade

- Little-known, easy-to-copy tactic that crushes your competition into a thousand tiny pieces whilst you run off with all the money!

- How to master jedi Buzz Building tactics that put all eyes on your product and turn your product into an overnight money sensation.

- Recently-discovered secret strategy that lights a rocket under your sales and blasts them into outer space! This will change the face of internet marketing.

Video #6 - How To Lay Fast Cash Foundations

- My proprietary strategy for becoming an instant celebrity in your marketplace.

- 3 powerful ways to get big name marketers sending you bucketloads of hands-free sales!

Video #7 - How To Pump Up Your Profits

- The super sneaky method that virtually brainwashes big name promoters into selling your stuff to their gigantic lists!

- Discover how to become instantly irresistible to both buyers and partners using this kick-ass, stupid easy tactic

Video #8 - How To Get People To Do Stuff

- The deadly $50,000 mistake and how to avoid it!

- Battle-tested, proven top-converting power words that almost force people to hand you thick wads of cash!

- Brain-dead simple tactic that has the world's biggest super affiliates BEGGING to sell more of your stuff!

Video #9 - How To Avoid Cash Catastrophe

- 3 mistakes to avoid you falling foul of the Cash Catastrophe.

- A little-known tactic that instantly injects your profits with steroids

- The tiny little 3-minute change you can make to turn disinterested browsers into desperate buyers!

Video #10 - How To Create A Buying Frenzy

- Simple but deadly tactic that unleashes an army of cash-creating super affiliates for you.

- The secret stealth strategy that cuts your work in half and instantly doubles your profit.

Video #11 - How To Boost Demand And Prepare For Onslaught!

- Instant cash-boosting tactic that transforms any product into a must-have, hot seller!

- Simple 1-2-3 method for making maximum cash output for the least effort.

- How to avoid the killer pitfalls that catch out 97% of all internet marketers..

Video #12 - How To Create a Leads Landslide

- 5 time-tested tactics you can use to explode your list size in minutes flat.

- Secret route map that makes the difference between rip-roaring success and flat-out failure.

- How to avoid the common deadly mistake that costs rookie marketers thousands.

Video #13 - How To Avoid The Killer Launch Landmines

- Why the gurus use this essential tool to escape the deadly field of killer launch landmines!

- How to answer "the ultimate question" and why not knowing what to say can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Video #14 - How To Master Massive Cash Conversion

- The well-guarded secret tactic that crushes shopping cart abandonment and puts a rocket up your bottom line!

- Zombie-killing tactic that transforms your visitors from wandering no-sale zombies into happy hungry buyers!

Video #15 - Ninja Cash Tactics

- The one single tactic that makes you an extra 30-40% cash with every product for virtually no extra work.

- An easy method to blast from affiliate-nobody to hot superstar in your market in record time! (it's not what you think)

- The simple switch that turns affiliates into power sellers in seconds flat.

Video #16 - Magic Money Multipliers

- The lazy man's way to create a feeding frenzy of buyers fighting over themselves to give you cash.

- Alarmingly simple tactic for multiplying the money you make and leads you get with no extra work.

Video #17 - How To Tap Into Lucrative Lost Cash

- The secret method top level marketers use to get millions of visitors in just hours.

- Fiendishly clever tactic for reducing refunds and increasing your s- rate.

- Breakthrough strategy codenamed "the Golden Touch" that will line your pockets with thousands of dollars.

Video #18 - Cashing Out

- The simple secret to unleashing a sales-flood into your website.

- Discover my own personal from-the-battlefield lucrative lessons from years of conducting weird-ass experiments on millions of visitors.

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