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Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable

Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable

Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable | 110 Mb

Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio Professional. Acquiring photos from your camera, your scanner, and even your screen has never been easier. Have fun organizing and browsing through your digital memories. With Zoner Photo Studio, you'll be editing and personalizing your photos with special effects and even advanced functions like HDR processing. Wow your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas! Process RAW files conveniently and easily with an interface designed specially for photo enthusiasts.
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable
Whether you are sharing pictures with your family and friends or publishing to a web gallery, Zoner Photo Studio has the tools for you. Many options are available to help you organize and store your photos on external drives, DVDs, and other media. You'll benefit from full support for SSE and MMX processor technologies and powerful multi-core processors. 48-bit color depth ensures you get the highest photo quality, and the color management support is outstanding!
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable

Full list of features:
Acquiring Pictures
.from a camera
.from a scanner
.from the Windows Clipboard
.via screen capture
.via screen capture, incl. single features (e.g. single buttons)
.from the Web
.from DNG/RAW fles
.from Adobe PDF
.via JPEG extraction
RAW thumbnail support, using WIC; Editing Pictures; 16-bit-per-channel color support; Editing layer; batch flter window; rotation; easy horizon alignment; mirroring/fipping; resizing; visual crops, numeric ("specifc") crops; selections - rectangle tool (t); selections - ellipse tool (t); selections - lasso tool (t); selections - magic wand tool (t); selections - polygon tool (t); selections - magnetic lasso tool (t); selection-frame edits (blurring, borders, stretching, shrinking); copying part of a picture to another picture; color editing and gamma correction; Quick Fix: automatic photo fxes; exposure enhancement window; combined image edits window; histogram level editing; histogram curve editing; color temperature editing; sharpening (unifed window, including unsharp mask); blurring (as a separate window); directional blurring; shadow brightening; noise removal; chromatic-defect correction; correction of barrel/pincushion distortion; collinearity correction; perspective correction; morphing mesh; antivignetting; deinterlacing; redeye reduction (t); automatic redeye reduction; animal redeye reduction (t); Clone Stamp tool (t); Iron tool (t); Fill tool (t); Brush tool (t); Effect Brush tool (t); pressure-sensitive tablet support for "(t)" tools; Place Text tool (t); Gradient Filter tool (t); canvas and borders window; canvas size window; graphical "envelopes" (frames); place text window; place image window; interlacing mode for place image/place text; transformations when placing images; shadow settings for Place Text, Place Image tools; emboss effect; pencil drawing effect; explosion effect; oil painting effect; waves effect; contour detection effect; antique photo effect; fading borders effect; soft shadow effect; 3D button effect; gradient map effect; add grain effect; threshold effect; custom flter (convolution matrix); support for .8bf Adobe plugins; grayscale conversion - methods offered; "negative" effect; channel mixing window; color shifting; soft focus; Droste effect; Variations window; fle format conversion; batch operations; zoom lock in Editor; fne-grained Editor/Viewer zoom levels; multi-level Undo for Editor operations; advanced RAW processing modul

Picture Management
photo albums; custom photo descriptions; Unicode support in descriptions; searching; filtering; searching and fltering by EXIF items; searching and fltering by GPS data; sorting (incl. sorting by EXIF data); easy fle sorting window; EXIF picture info support; keywords/descriptions support; work with keyword categories; custom information types; keywords panel; photo description panel; picture ratings; colored tags; digital signatures; backup/restoration of EXIF picture info; advanced EXIF restoration; removal of EXIF info; removal of EXIF previews; search-and-replace in photo descriptions; easy to fll in picture-information text ("variable text"); import of descriptions from ACDSeeT; audio notes; fle list maker; GPS coordinate entry from a track log or by hand; GPS coordinate entry on using a map; GPS display/entry using OziExplorer; Google Earth integration; "Media Archive" -- CD/DVD indexing; maximum archives supported*; maximum media per archive*; the Catalog: indexed photographs organized by date; Windows-style fle operations; background fle operations; batch renaming; picture comparison; picture folder statistics; video thumbnails in the Browser

Sharing and Publishing
printing of single pictures from the Editor; template-based publishing; number of publishing templates; calendars wizard; customizable holidays and free days; contact-sheets wizard; paper-saver publishing wizard; PDF export; web galleries wizard; multi-level web galleries wizard; photo emailer; upload via FTP; CD/DVD burning; VideoCD burning; DVD slideshow burning; pan&zoom effect in DVD presentations;
chapter support in DVD presentations; photo lab support; slideshows; slideshow transition effects; PDF slideshows; Windows wallpapers

Special Tools
panorama maker; vertical-panorama support; 3D photos (anaglyphs); HDR photo wizard

bitmap formats supported; vector formats supported; display of multi-page TIFF fles; splitting/joining of multi-page TIFF fles; video formats supported; audio formats supported; Previews for PDF, EPS, and PS documents; RAW thumbnail display; RAW types supported **; Web JPEG wizard; Windows Vista skin support; Custom visual themes for interface; customizable workspace; Tabs for switching among module windows; quick photo viewer (separate from Editor); edit previews in the main Editor window; color management and color profles; savable/loadable workspaces; customizable toolbars; Custom toolbar; autoscroll while using Editor tools; customizable folder icons; menu items can be shown/hidden; customizable keyboard shortcuts; savable/loadable edit-window presets; savable/loadable tool presets; Preset Manager; Tips and Tricks window; Tasks Pane; First Run wizard; guaranteed Vista-compatible; support for multi-core processors; integration with Zoner Draw 5; program-launcher right-click menu; automatic updates; network-friendly

*) Limited only by system resources and the requirements of the MDAC libraries
**) per the possibilities of the external converter used
t) tool on the Editor toolbar

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Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable | 110 Mb
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable | 110 Mb Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio Professional. Acquiring
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Plus Editor Portable | 110 Mb Take control of your digital photos with Zoner Photo Studio Professional. Acquiring
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