» » Opera 10.70 Build 9067 Snapshot Portable

Opera 10.70 Build 9067 Snapshot Portable

Opera 10.70 Build 9067 Snapshot Portable

Opera - one of the fastest and most flexible in your browser. Using skins, custom panels and other means to configure the interface whose appearance can be changed beyond recognition. The program allows on the fly "to disable and enable the schedule, and also boasts proprietary technology scaling Web pages through which users browser almost never see a horizontal scroll bar.

Key features:
- The process for access to your favorite sites using the Speed Dial
- Protection against fraud
- BitTorrent client
- Content blocker
- Add your search engine
- View thumbnails of open pages
- The settings for each site separately
- Using Widgets
- New editing
- Download Manager
- Navigation tabam
- Password Manager
- Integrated search
- Pop-up Blocker
- Mouse Gestures
- The function of fast forward
- Quick setup by pressing F12
- Voice
- "Shortcuts " keyboard
- The 'Recycle Bin "
- Supports information security protocol SSL, version 3, and TLS 1.0 protocol and 1.1
- 256-bit encryption
- Removal of personal data
- Manage cookies
- E-mail the Opera browser
- IRC-Chat
- Support for "Drag and drop "
- Support for skins Interface

DSK-314 279 (New note created when clicking empty area of notes list)
DSK-295 578 (Wrong temporary download file used when opening files from download dialog in external editor more than once)

DSK-313 628 (Doesn't run on Windows 2000)
DSK-245 127 (Hebrew (RTL) text with negative letter-spacing hard to read)

DSK-312 788 (New windows opened from keyboard shortcut opens with empty workspace)
DSK-314 900 (Animations stop when opening menus)
DSK-298 447 (Widget have two application menus on Mac OS 10.5)
DSK-296 097 (Interrupted scrolling in address bar drop-down)
DSK-314 886 (View: Toolbars disabled after enabling one toolbar)
DSK-314 917 (Redesigned Close tab button)
DSK-313 510 (White background behind form controls)
DSK-298 558 (Cannot clear file chooser to unset option / restore default on Mac)
DSK-314 033 (Does not always react on mouse-clicks after right-click on context menus)

Linux / FreeBSD
DSK-313 761 (Middle-click in edit fields searches on Google as well as pasting)

Unite and Widgets
DSK-313 755 (Crash when trying to install widget)
CORE-21618 (Added preference to enable Unite)
CORE-29516 (Upgrade Unite preferences)
CORE-31309 (Unite service announcement contains invalid XML)
CORE-31431 (Support dir attribute on widget, name, description, author and license elements in config.xml)
CORE-27980 (Support for multiple icon sizes in widgets)
CORE-27 682 (Control geolocation access by feature element define in widgets)
CORE-30009 (Empty content element or when set to incorrect namespace crash on loading widget)
CORE-29377 (Unzip sometimes fails for files with upper case)
CORE-30216 (Clicking links relative to widget documents opens them in browser)
CORE-31426 (Widgets don't always have access to network after restart)
CORE-32161 (Crash when stopping a Unite service twice from service page)

CORE-26 063 (Add support for Web Sockets)
CORE-29054 (Don't Turbo compression servers when loading plug-ins)
CORE-31885 (Wrong error message when accessing non-existent property of object)
CORE-301 (Setting document.title has no effect if document doesn't have a title element)
CORE-22867 (Navigating to an OGG file should play the video inline)
CORE-21639 (Add box-decoration-break and update background shorthand)
CORE-31134 (Password manager loosing passwords after setting and later changing master password)
CORE-31518 (Windows Media Player plug-in does not load stream when data attribute set but not src attribute)
CORE-24808 (Header info for plug-in lost after restart)
CORE-31299 (Label element does not focus select elements)
CORE-31585 (Clicking a visible label should fire onclick on invisible input)
CORE-30197 (Using spatial navigation after writing image map to document causes crash)
CORE-31929 (Random crash on exit)
CORE-31670 (Layout performance regression)
CORE-31350 (Can't access page through SSL by direct link)
CORE-31443 (Ignores the header UserJS with BOM)
CORE-27927 (Does not show server sent error page for 504 and 417 HTTP error codes)
CORE-32365 (Too strict same origin rule for cached resources in application cache)
CORE-31661 (Background of favicon changes on hover)
CORE-29111 (Scrolled iframe doesn't repaint)
CORE-503 (onload for sub-frame documents is not triggered until whole frameset is loaded)
CORE-28496 (100 iframes pointing to themselves causes 6 ^ 100 documents, which makes opera freeze)
CORE-11754 (Erasing with Control-Backspace can be trigger happy)
CORE-31569 (SVG color attributes get the wrong string value after changing with RGB Color)
CORE-31456 (Overflow: hidden hides background image in a transformed (rotated) element)
CORE-31939 (CSS transform rotate with overflow: hidden clips image)
CORE-31269 (Crash on canvas)
CORE-20408 (Drop-down list doesn't have border around it when collapsed)
CORE-31448 (Wrong position of Shockwave Director inside iframes)
CORE-31619 (Sends garbage when plugin ask for URL property)
CORE-30971 (XML document served as text / html can break font switch-writing system)
CORE-30452 (Google Docs spreadsheet scroll when typing)
CORE-28972 (mail.qq.com can not finish sending a mail)
CORE-24224 Acid3 test fails on browserscope.org (reflow during script thread only propagates into a level of framed documents)
CORE-28700 (Appending video element fails after cloneNode)
CORE-29664 (Second call to xhr.setRequestHeader () throws error. Facebook games fix.)
CORE-15299 (Missing onload events on images loaded in parallel (non connected images getting garbage collected))
CORE-30416 (400 Bad Request on The Register because empty cookie value doesn't include an equals sign)
CORE-28121 (Form input fields with border-radius and no border are invisible)
CORE-30185 (Popup blocker enhancements)
CORE-30531 (Google Maps overlay layers not displaying)
CORE-30824 (NSL on some javascript iframe elements)
CORE-30872 (DOM 2 Style methods don't work properly on SVG elements
CORE-30253 (Selection should survive parent DOM update)
CORE-28037 (Empty wrap attribute ignored on pre element)
CORE-30058 (selectedIndex wrong after inserting options)
CORE-30064 (Adding select options at options.length +2 should not insert empty entry)
CORE-17989 (Should allow cookie mode override in ua.ini)
CORE-32912 (Value with invalid / unrecognized function doesn't get dropped)

Operating system: Windows

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