» » Picasa 3.6.0 Build 105.61 (2010)

Picasa 3.6.0 Build 105.61 (2010)

Picasa 3.6.0 Build 105.61 (2010)

Picasa 3.6.0 Build 105.61 | 11.81 MB

Picasa is software that enables users to view, organize, edit and share digital photos on your computer easy and fun. Picasa will not delete your photos or publishing images automatically online without your permission.

Picasa automatically finds and organizes all your image: jpeg, tiff, bmp, psd, and video files from other cameras filming. Send photos via email before it takes at least five steps; Picasa lets you pick the size and automatically attach photos to email. Browse through all the pictures and view slideshows of their photo albums with just one button. Enhance, fix red eye, and even crop without losing data or permanently changing your original images. Bring life to your photos with Picasa from Google.

Picasa is free photo management software from Google, help you find, edit and share photos in seconds. We recommend that you print a summary of key features of Picasa to learn the new features more quickly during the first use.

Picasa helps you find and organize all types of files in your computer: start Picasa, the program will scan your hard drive and find and automatically organize all your photos. Picasa search for images and video format below:
- Photo: JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PNG, BMP, RAW (including NEF and CRW). GIF and PNG will not be scanned by default, but you can activate in the options dialog box.
- Video: MPG, AVI, ASF, WMV, and MOV.

- Sort - Picasa search and organize all your photos in your computer immediately.
- Edit - Turn a gray sky a perfect day.
- Share - The hardest part is choosing when to share photos of your favorite.
- Printing & Publishing - Printing photos at home with colorful custom sizes or order prints, gifts and books from your favorite online company.
- Backup - Do not lose those precious digital memories. Safe backup of photos in Picasa.
- Create - Enjoy the photos full of fun and creative!

New features in Picasa 3.6:
Picasa 3.6 improves on features to add name tag (name tag), based on technology that has increased strength for Picasa Web Albums. With name tags, you can sort photos based on the most important subjects: people in the photos. In this new version, you can also upload photos to the album sharing for friends, add geographic information to your photos using Google Maps, as well as import photos from cameras and upload to Picasa Web Albums in one go. Get started by downloading Picasa for PC or Mac at picasa.google.com
- Adding name tags - Picasa scan all the pictures in your collection, identifying a face image, and group photo with the same face again. Add name tags on dozens of photos at once easily by pressing the "Add a name" just below the image and enter the name of the image. Once you've added name tags to images, you can create a collage team faces with just one click, easily find all the pictures shot 2 people in it, or load their name tags to Picasa Web Albums .
- Work-Album Upload photos from Picasa - Since August 2009, we released the collaboration album in Picasa Web Albums. Now you can upload your albums directly from Picasa.
- Add tags geographic information with Google Maps - Quickly add the card information by geographical features new integrated Google Maps. Places button and drag the photos you shoot on location. Of course you can still use Google Earth to add tags and see if you like.
- Import photos, upload and share the same time - We have improved the process of importing photos, so you can mark your favorite photos, upload photos to Picasa Web Albums, as well as to share with the group Google optimistic at the same time.
- Card Information - More mass, more fast and count the number of cards - We have improved the experience even more further information card. Just right click the new Tags to quickly add photos to the card tray information, see the card number for the group photo, as well as the card management information more easily.

Picasa 3.6.0 Build 105.61 (2010)

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