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Alena (Turbosquid) (Zelax3d)

Alena (Turbosquid) (Zelax3d)


Alena 3d model is a next generation 3d model that uses complex skinning, advanced materials and lightning. It is build in 3dsmax 2014 (x64) and rendered with mental ray.
Alena is a result of a very high development of my previous model: Alesia 3d. While containing all the previous model benefits Alena is brand new model in almost any aspect: from polygonal topology and UV - to materials, hairs and lightning.
The figure and clothes are skinned with 'physique' modifier and rigged with 'biped' rig. Alena character has advanced 'skin_morph' modifier with lot of morphs for precise control of skin bending. The 'displace' maps made in Mudbox - used for adding more details to the model and clothes. Alena skin material is based on new SSS2 mental ray material (see how to expose it in 3dsmax in Alena_ref.chm).
All materials and lights are mental ray. Textures of a very high resolution: main body texture has size of 10000x10000 pixels. Scene created using mental ray renderer.
Alena has 'morpher' modifier to control facial morphs. There is also included morph manager script that helps you to control facial expressions and build new ones. Haircut, brows, lashes and pubic hair - builded with native Hair_and_Fur system (mr. prim is used for rendering)

No additional plugins used. All preview images was made with included .max (scene) files.

Alena 3d model scenes (including .bip .phy and other scene related files) was originally builded and rendered 3dsmax 2014. For back-compatibility scene was resaved and tested in 3dsmax 2013 Product Update 6.
Main scene geometry and facial morphs exported in .obj and .fbx formats.

Alena 3d model pack directories:
.. root directory contains 3dsmax *.max scene files

Scenes included:

*.max main geometry objects (rig, shapes and additional objects not counted):
Alena_figure (skinned, rigged, ~21000 vertexes, ~21000 faces unsmoothed)
Bikini_top (skinned, rigged, ~2100 vertexes, ~2200 faces unsmoothed)
Bikini_bott (skinned, rigged, ~1000 vertexes, ~1000 faces unsmoothed)
Dress (skinned, rigged, ~1000 vertexes, ~900 faces unsmoothed)
Shoes (skinned, rigged, ~2400 vertexes, ~2300 faces unsmoothed)
Hair: haircut, brows, lashes and pubic hair ('Hair and Fur' modifier rendered via mr.prim)
Head_dummy (for hair dynamic simulation)

Included textures:
Body_text.jpg (10000x10000)
Body_spec.jpg (8192x8192)
Body_disp8.jpg (8192x8192)
Body_disp16.tif (8192x8192 16bit)
Body_SSS.jpg (8192x8192)
EYE_tex.jpg (3232x3232)
EYE_bum.jpg (2500x2500)
Lashes_trans.jpg (2048x2048)
Brows_trans.jpg (10000x10000)
PubicHair_trans.jpg (4000x4000)
Dress_tex.jpg (4096x4096)
Dress_bum.jpg (4096x4096)
Dress_disp.jpg (8192x8192)
Shoes_tex.jpg (4096x4096)
Shoes_bum.jpg (4096x4096)
Bikini_tex.jpg (2500x2500)
Bikini_disp.jpg (4096x4096)
refl.jpg (1200x900)

Alena 3d model consists of many additional files as well as some usfull tools to make your work with the figure more comfortable.

See additional image renders and read included alena_ref.chm to get more info.

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