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Brain Fitness Kits (Dr Jeffrey Thompson)

Brain Fitness Kits (Dr Jeffrey Thompson)

Brain Fitness Kits (Dr Jeffrey Thompson)
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The following are Brain Fitness Kits featuring Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A.??™s clinically proven Audio Programs. Each Kit features the techniques which make Dr. Thompson??™s work the Number One in the field of Sound and Sound Healing. These techniques include his Non-Linear Music?„?, his brainwave pacing technology and 3-D recording process, as well as his very special Primordial Sounds. In each you will find two (2) hours of Audio Programs on two (2) CDs from the system noted on the front of the package, a jar of Aromatherapy Balm, and a set of cards showing Yoga postures and associated breathing exercises.

Alpha Relaxation System
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's pioneering work with thousands of patients and volunteers has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. With the Alpha Relaxation System, pulses of sound that activate Alpha brainwave patterns are embedded in the musical soundtrack, leading you to enjoyable and life-enriching states of relaxation.

Experience Dr. Thompson??™s beautiful and soothing musical compositions, coupled with his 3-D sounds of nature and brainwave pacing unique to his work, making it extremely smooth and effective. Listen to these audio programs with headphones or stereo speakers for the benefits noted. These musical tracks contain neither spoken words nor subliminal messages.

Included in this system are two programs. The first CD is for Deep Relaxation and meditation, so you will want to listen to it in a sitting or lying position. This CD enhances your ability to experience a deep Alpha brainwave state. The second CD is for Active Relaxation. As such, this is a great CD to play in the background while working, studying, or doing any activity. This CD enhances your ability to create a lighter Alpha state: focused and balanced.

Everyone finds benefit in using this Alpha Relaxation System, but those who tend to be anxious or even have addictive type behaviors or tendencies especially find solace and help with these audio programs. Are These CDs For YOU? You Bet They Are! Let yourself enjoy a relaxed and focused life.

Awakened Mind System
This Brain Fitness Kit features Dr. Jeffrey Thompson???s truly beautiful and amazing uplifting Awakened Mind System. The Awakened Mind System grew out of decades of research on how the brain and nervous system work. In the late 1970??™s, British EEG researcher and Zen master C. Maxwell Cade began using a new type of monitoring devise, which he called the Mind Mirror. He began to measure interrelationships of right and left hemisphere brainwave patterns. With his new devise, Cade set out to measure the brainwaves of people, who were considered to experience / know higher states of consciousness. Thinking those patterns might be unique, he wanted to understand those patterns and replicate them. The Mind Mirror, in fact, did enable Cade to test many persons, especially yogi in high states of consciousness. With those in high states of consciousness, he found a common pattern. He called this ???the Awakened Mind Pattern.??? This pattern consisted of a particular combination of four types of brainwaves: the Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta states.

Dr. Thompson??™s sonic version of the Awakened Mind Pattern found on each of the individual tracks of this Awakened Mind System enables you to synchronize your brainwaves to the specific pattern shared by those yoga masters.

As a Physician, Scientist, Composer, and Visionary, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has given the world a wonderful opportunity to raise personal consciousness, with ripples out to the global consciousness, to a new level through using his beautiful and masterful ???Sonic Awakened Mind System.???

Delta Sleep System
This Brain Fitness Kit features the Delta Sleep System. This Delta Sleep System has been used with great benefit for those stressed with seemingly too many responsibilities and/or those greatly affected by the energies around them and the demands placed upon them by family, job, finances, etc. It is great to use to go to sleep and even great to use to stay asleep. To go to sleep, you would want to place your speakers on both sides of your bed to benefit from the 3-D recording as much as possible. If you do not have two speakers, then Dr. Thompson recommends placing your stereo set at the bottom of your bed, centering it per the position of your resting body. It is not necessary to wear headphones as brain hemisphere synchronization is not necessary for sleep.

If a habit of wakening during the night is a challenge, then this person would do well by placing the Audio Program on repeat, gradually enhancing your ability to change this habit and enjoy more quality of sleep.

This program was initially created by Dr. Thompson??™s for his infant son who went through a phase of having sleep challenges -- and challenged the sleep requirements of Mom and Dad, as well. It is safe and effective for the very young and for the most mature, frail individual. It is equally safe for all those who are between those two stages of life. By enhancing one??™s ability to sleep and receive quality, restorative sleep, this program has saved many, many lives. It is a wonderful program and has won acclaim in the heart and minds of many individuals and families alike.

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