» » CityGuide 3.7 + Full Set of Maps (2010)

CityGuide 3.7 + Full Set of Maps (2010)

CityGuide 3.7 + Full Set of Maps (2010)

CityGuide 3.7 + Full Set of Maps (2010) | RAR 1 Gb

Update City Guide numbered 3.7, this version will work on Windows CE. The set includes the program itself, as well as all the available maps at the moment .. In the popular system of new features, improved interface and speed.

Year: 2010
Version: 3.7
Platform: Windows CE 4.x / 6.x
Language: English

System requirements: RAM: 64MB at least
External memory: requires SD-Card or Resident flash
Communication: It is recommended to connect to the Internet via a built-in GSM / CDMA module or external (BT or USB) phone / modem

Platform Card: Windows PocketPC 2003 / Windows Mobile 5.x / Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows CE, iPhone OS 3.0 or later, Symbian version 9.x (platform S60 ed.3), Symbian version 9.x (S60 platform ed.5), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP1), JAVA MIDP 2.0.

A clear and flexible, has navigation interface. For example, the on-screen arrow that appears responsible for the slope of the map. The user can now choose the most convenient for himself the angle. There is also a button and switch modes 2D 3D. The screen is now displayed next two lamps, enabling it to maneuver at first to take the band from which will be convenient to take the next.
Shelf road junction in Moscow and St. Petersburg are now displayed volume, substantially simplifying the association maps to the real design. Thanks autoscale function, the card will automatically close or removed, depending on the speed of convergence to a place to maneuver, providing the desired level of detail to the driver.
In addition to mineral nuances interface program CityGuide 3.7. enriched and fundamentally new services: Monitoring, Peydzhering, Dynamic POI.
Function "Monitoring" allows you to see in the window, "SG Manager" (Platform for Windows XP / Vista), where are your friends and colleagues on the map in real time. Literally you can watch as the subscriber moves, what route he had laid out and as soon as he arrives at the destination. You can help the caller to select a new address or add a new item in the available route. The function will be particularly useful to organizations in its fleet. You can use the monitor for yourself, so before traveling a route with all stops on the big computer (only because of the size - so clearly and easier than through your browser menu). Monitoring can be carried out not only on the big computer, but at the navigator, you need to enable the option in the menu.
An interesting new feature "Paging" allows subscribers to exchange text messages CityGuide, which may contain, including the finish and the point or router. Upon receiving the message, the user can take or reject the route, which in this case will automatically be recalculated in his navigator.
Both services are free except the cost of paying a small volume of GPRS-traffic.
Another interesting innovation. Users can set the timestamps (dynamic POI) in places where the accident occurred, opened the hatch, or crouched behind the corner traffic police officers. Fixed label appears on all browsers with the system CityGuide, with an Internet connection, and thus of trouble on the road becomes instantly known to all users of the system. Such tags are good that, having fulfilled their function, they disappear, as will disappear during this time and the reason that led the user to place a label.
To know where you are now passed, you can turn on the display track (trace), and navigator mark on the map, which streets today you passed.

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