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Arcon 3D Architect Designer + Eleco + 3D Objects + Modeling

Arcon 3D Architect Designer + Eleco + 3D Objects + Modeling

Arcon 3D Architect Designer + Eleco + 3D Objects + Modeling

ArCon - Professional program for designing country houses and interior design. With it you can create an elaborated house designs and plans of the premises, as well as their three-dimensional models.
Arcon is one of the rare programs, planners in the field of architecture and design, which already use a lot of thousands of builders, of course, architects and designers, we can not forget about the realtor, and of course just an amateur. Using the software Arcon home and you become a modeler, and shtukaturschikom, and of course designer. And you should not walk into a supermarket in search of suitable tools and paints.

Arcon eleco 2007 has it in him and will give you the right tools. Do you work in ***ing and there is little to no clue about brushes, play of light in the room and the linoleum? Elementary! Arcon eleco 2007 will give you a unique chance to choose whatever you want any kind and even color. You can make a sketch of your accommodation rooms, and subsequently generate the overall plan. After that the program will create interior and exterior walls of your cottage. By using an ordinary pipette, you will be able to transfer any textures and materials from one object to another. In the software contains a library of different things that should be in the room: every possible detail of the interior, carpet, even types of wood! Generally more about 4 thousand different objects.

Nowadays it's all become available to you in a comfortable time for you day and night. Make it your own, start your PC and start to create! In designing a format you can choose one or another object environment, modify it at will, and then generally move to another location. In the registration form you can place a balcony, fireplace, arches, and move, if you came upon a new idea. You can also select a property of one object and move it to the second. In this case you should help only one your mouse. It also allows you to do more or less the wall of your kitchen or hallway. That is very important: in case a sudden wall of the room has increased by 3 meters, the window and the door will be moved instantly. Later you will be able to fit everything to your liking. By the way, the wall may be in addition round.

You should try it, began to appear newly developed features the introduction of information. If you are not easy to imagine their future cottage in bulk form, when you are in design mode, it creates its ArCon 3D design time. Wherever located your house (on a steep hill near the waterfall, on the beach or in the city center), the system will find you any landscape, and then change it. For those users who are familiar with the architecture, accessible design kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, buildings, and further combine them into one project with option drag & drop. in addition there is the ability to quickly create a plan with accurate dimensions, there appeared additional fields inscriptions. available a special database, from which you can get the right texture and tools, rather than from different files, as there was in earlier versions of software. The program will automatically create interior and exterior walls of any house.

3D objects ArCon - bedrooms and living rooms:

The disc is a continuation of a series of CDs devoted to the theme "Furniture", and contains about 200 3D models of furniture for the design (furniture, bedrooms, fireplaces).


The objective of this multimedia edition - to show in practice the principles of work in ArCon. In the first part of the textbook as an example of finished projects you'll not only learn the basic commands and functions of the program, but also learn to understand the previously created projects. The second part will allow you to become a participant in the process of modeling of the building and the plot, depicted on the cover of the disk.

The basic operations are provided with detailed commentary synchronized. For the first time describes the peculiarities of working with 2D-objects. All transactions take place in real time, but thanks to the wide possibilities of the format DVD-Video, which created this tutorial, you are at will be able to speed up or slow down what is happening on your computer screen or TV.

Product Features:
* More comments in synchronous learning;
* Features with 2D-objects;
* Education through simulation of real architectural object;
* Ability to customize the program.

Year: 2009
Version: V8; Eleco 12.0
Developer: Eleco Sowtware GmbH
Platform: PC

Arcon 3D Architect Designer + Eleco + 3D Objects + Modeling


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