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Fleur Bob

Fleur Bob

Description: Flowers are finally growing up and you can feel the spring all over in the air. Fleur Bob updates for girls' heads with the newest looks, ready for the warm season!
We decided doing something good to you and offering this hair at a very special nice price, but at the same high quality as always!
Fleur Bob Hair is an easy-to-use bob hairprop with Fits for Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko 4 (+Realistic), Aiko 3 (+Realistic), Sydney G2, Miki 2 and Terai Yuki 2. Included are 35 morphs for Adjusting, Styling and Wind Effects. Have a look at the morphs list below!
This package includes 12 hi-res and photorealistic hairtextures with advanced shadersettings for extra realism!