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SY dForce Towels for Genesis 8

SY dForce Towels for Genesis 8

SY dForce Towels for Genesis 8
Now your Genesis 8 Males and Females are ready for the beach, bath and locker room with this set of dForce towels! The set contains a chest-wrapped towel for Genesis 8 Female, a waist-wrap towel for Genesis 8 Male and a prop towel with many morphs, including a turban morph for putting it on the characters' heads.

There are 15 Wearable Presets with poses (plus mirrors where relevant) for posing the prop towel on and around the figures, too! There are realistic materials with the option for more realistic nap using displacement or faster-rendering materials with normal maps only.

Please note that since the Towels are set up for dForce the included wearable presets are intended to be Simulated!
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