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V5 Virago Poses Daz3D

V5 Virago Poses Daz3D

Description: V5 Virago Poses
The Virago collection contains twenty-five gun poses for V5. Each pose has been carefully crafted to look its best from multiple angles. These poses were designed using High Boots 3 for V5 for that super vixen chic, but can be tweaked to be used with any shoe type. There are also flat-footed versions of each of the poses. That's fifty poses in total. As an added bonus, this pose set also includes the Inspire Poses - which has been adapted for V5. Each pose has been refined to complement V5's figure. Minor adjustments may have to be made to accommodate different weapons and body types. This set comprises of thirty-one high heel poses, and thirty-one flat footed poses. Both sets can be used for any Genesis figure but adjustments may be needed. These poses work best with the Rotation Limits turned off.