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Ynes Trench Coat

Ynes Trench Coat

"'Secret agent', the words still sound silly, but there??™s no getting around it, that??™s what I am. But with all the training, all the weapons, all the gear, I never really felt (or looked) the part til I got this great trench coat. I could be wearing twenty pounds of armor and a samurai sword, or I could be wearing... considerably less, the minute I throw this coat over it, I hear spy music in my head, and I know what I??™m supposed to do."

Introducing Ynes??™s Trench Coat by Nerd3D from Third Degree. This all-new, all-sexy spy essential is custom-fit to hug Ynes??™s curves, but includes V4++, Elite, A4 and even Male and Creature morphs. A twirl of the dial fits it comfortably over Ynes??™s Bot Armor?„? as well. Ynes??™s Trench Coat comes in five sexy colors: white, black, black vinyl, tan and red. Walk, stride, dial it open wide, dial it buttoned up tight or anywhere in between. The belt is a fully poseable figure so you can tie it three ways or let it hang untied. ??Muy realista!

Experience 3D to the Third Degree?„?. Wrap your runtime in Ynes??™s Trench Coat today!