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Retro Americana,Retro Healthcare,Retro Industry,Retro Science / SIZE 3.36GB

Retro Americana - SIZE 892MB / 20MOV CLIPS / NTSC
Looking back to a simpler, innocent era
Field Rendering:3:2 Pulldown
Frame Rate:30.0
Total Length:256:07
Average Length:12:24
Description: Remember the good old days when life was full of innocent fun and Mom got the
milk delivered to the doorstep? Relive those charming years with this offering of black and
white, retro clips featuring scenarios of bygone days. Play jacks on the sidewalk or baseball in
the vacant lot, join a parade or visit the amusement park. Watch Mom do the chores and Dad as
he bowls or gets a ticket from the traffic cop. Collection contains 20 clips, three of which are in

Retro Healthcare - SIZE 954MB / 20 CLIPS / NTSC
Medical practices & healthcare nostalgia of the 1950's
Field Rendering:3:2 Pulldown
Frame Rate:30.0
Total Length:310:27
Average Length:15:16
Description: Remember when doctors made housecalls and you went to the school nurse if you
felt ill during class? Relive the era with these nostalgic, black and white clips of doctors, nurses,
and druggists caring for their patients. From washing hands to taking temperatures, hospital rooms
to bedrooms, this retro footage will remind you of the bedside manners of the fifties.
Collection contains 20 clips, 5 of which are in color.

Retro Industry - SIZE 699MB / 20MOV CLIPS / NTSC
Views of the mid-century industrial landscape
Field Rendering:3:2 Pulldown
Frame Rate:30.0
Total Length:227:16
Average Length:11:11
Description: This collection of mostly black and white clips showcases the workforce that kept
America running in the mid-twentieth century. Businessmen, architects, and skilled laborers are
seen at their desks or running their specialized equipment, while deliverymen of all sorts get the
goods where they're going. From oil fields to bottle machines, smokestacks to bakeries, this
comprehensive retro collection of industrial scenarios covers the bases.
Collection contains 20 clips, 5 of which are in color.

Retro Science - SIZE 798MB / 20 MOV CLIPS / PAL
Labs, experiments & research from the 1950's
Field Rendering:Progressive
Frame Rate:25.0
Total Length:258:09
Average Length:12:22
Description: Put on your lab coat and join these techs, chemists and scientists from the mid-twentieth
century as they work with their equipment to perform experiments and tests in various laboratory
and industrial scenarios. Some situations put the scientist in radio-active environs, and one clip
features views of an atomic explosion in the desert. All but one of these retro clips are black and
white. Collection contains 20 clips.

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