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Description: Pluralsight – Blender Fundamentals

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Release Date: 2018
Instructor: Mark Masters
Duration: 9h 21min
Video: AVC, 1280x720, 16:9
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Have you ever wanted to jump into the world of 3D but don’t know where to start? If so, Blender Fundamentals is the perfect course to take that initial step. First, you’ll get familiar with the basic and foundational skills that you’ll need to begin moving around and working comfortably in Blender. Then, you’ll jump into exploring the powerful modeling features in Blender and begin building the drone. Next, you’ll master the process of adding textures and materials to the drone. Pushing forward, you’ll dive to rigging and animation, as well as learn how to utilize Blender’s dynamics engine to create a flame effect. Finally, you’ll conquer lighting and render the scene with final post-production effects created inside Blender’s Compositor. When you’re finished with this Blender Course, you’ll not only hit every step of the 3D process while creating a drone spaceship from the ground up, but you’ll also have a strong understanding of all the core features found in Blender. Software required: Blender.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
Getting Started with Blender
Module Overview
Viewport Navigation
Basics of the UI
UI Customization
Examining the Toolbar
Diving into the Properties Panel
Understanding Selection in Blender
Transform and Manipulation Tools
Learning About Modes
Modeling the Power Ring of the Spaceship
Module Overview
Importing Reference Images
Starting the Power Ring Model
Detailing the Power Ring
Continuing the Power Ring Model
Adding Panel Details
Adding Further Details
Creating the Inside Section
Modeling the Power Cores
Creating the Pipes
Finishing the Power Ring
Modeling the Wings of the Spaceship
Importing Reference Images
Modeling the Main Wing Piece
Adding Thickness
Finishing the Front Section
Modeling the Middle Section
Modeling the Top Plate
Finishing the Wing
Modeling the Cockpit
Importing Reference Images
Modeling the Window
Modeling the Top Section
Modeling the Plate Detail
Finishing the Cockpit
Modeling the Engine Block
Modeling the Engine Block
Modeling the Back Section
Modeling the Side Detail
Modeling the Top Detail
Beginning the Engine Model
Finishing the Engine
Modeling the Engine Drum
Finishing the Drone
Assembling the Drone
Positioning the Power Ring
Positioning the Cockpit
Positioning the Engine Block
Positioning the Engine Drum
Subdividing the Power Ring
Subdividing the Wing
Finalizing the Subdivision on the Wing
Finalizing the Drone Model
UV Mapping the Drone
Basics of UV Mapping
Unwrapping the Front of the Wing
Unwrapping the Top of the Wing
Finalizing the Wing
Unwrapping the Outer Ring
Unwrapping the Pipes6m
Finishing the Power Ring
Unwrapping the Cockpit
Unwrapping the Top of the Engine Block
Unwrapping the Main Engine Block
Unwrapping the Engine
Finishing the Engine
Beginning the UV Layout
Finishing the UV Layout
Transferring UVs
Setting up Materials
Examining the Principled BSDF Shader
Starting the Material Setup
Finishing the Material Setup
Rigging for Animation
Placing the Root Bone
Creating the Rest of the Bones
Parenting the Bones
Finishing the Rig
Animating the Drone
Basics of Animation
Animating the Drone Along a Path
Adjusting the Speed of the Drone
Adding Side to Side Animation
Finishing the Animation
Dynamics Simulations with Blender
Building the Fire Simulation
Attaching the Simulation to the Animation
Finishing the Fire Simulation
Lighting and Rendering with Cycles
Placing Lights on the Wing
Adding Lights to the Power Ring
Building a Lighting Shader
Setting up the Camera
Setting up the Environment Light
Adding a Depth of Field Effect
Adjusting the Render Samples
Preparing the Scene for Render Layers
Setting up the Render Layers
Creating the Final Render
Compositing in Blender
Creating a Glow Effect
Adjusting the Glow Effect
Finishing the Post Effects
Course Summary

Part 01

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Part 02

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