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Perry Marshall AutoResponder Boot Camp Dvds

Perry Marshall AutoResponder Boot Camp Dvds

Perry Marshall AutoResponder Boot Camp Dvds | 6.1 GB

Autoresponder Boot Camp is designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Sales People, who would like to deepen and tighten their relationship with their customers and prospects. Helping automate their communication with their subscribers and make automated sales.

What will you learn?

An email that elevates a prospect to a sales "disqualification" interview where you determine, with great speed, if you have any realistic chance of doing business together. If so, the customer must then vie for YOUR attention - pressing you to do business with him. An ingenious reversal.

A 100% counter-intuitive email message that builds trust by pushing customers AWAY from you, maybe even towards their competitors - and magically credentializes you as the most confident, most authoritative player in your game.

My 1 plan of attack for combating massive information overload in our over-communicated world. In the last 15 years we've gone from 50 channels to 50 million channels. How do you get heard, understood and remembered? It IS possible and it's in Template 3.

Emotionally bond with customers and prospects: Drive a deep connection in a space of 30-60 seconds???‚?¦ then with that bond, distance yourself from the lumbering, stupid herd and bleating sheep and bring your customer right along with you.

100% Counter-Intuitive strategy 2: A tool I employ about 1-2X per month that strengthens my connection with customers, distinguishes me from almost all other gurus, and strengthens trust. Pulls me directly into their inner sanctum. It will work just as well for you and requires NO special skills of any kind, and is built on an asset you already DO have but probably never recognized before now.

"Me, the greatest of all fools" (and on some days, it's the righteous truth): Did you know that your biggest and most tragic mistakes are not only a launch pad for your greatest successes, they can magnify the impact of your sales message. You get a template and reference examples for creating your the hypnotic copy your customers have ever gotten from you.

How to turn an ordinary phone call on an ordinary day into a high-impact teaching moment that tirelessly works for you 24/7/365 for years

How to take single email that you got from a prospect or customer just within the last 24 hours and convert it into fast sales to your entire list - and my "muscle memory" blueprint for punching the emotion level UP for max impact

How to design your sales funnel to accommodate those who want the drip-drip-drip of Chinese Water Torture, yet also engages the ones who want to drink water from a fire hose, FAST. (This is CRUCIAL. On my own email list I have people who get an email every month or two. I have people who get 1-2 emails almost every day. And EVERY level of involvement in-between. For the most part no two interested people who subscribed to my email list six months ago got the same emails from me. What they got was customized to their tastes, preferences and actions - and they didn't even know it. This is the secret to a hot, profitable email list that is largely independent of economic or market conditions.

The supreme leverage of LIES - other peoples' lies. How to expose them and render the con man stark naked: The emperor has no clothes. He is buck naked and his right testicle hangs just a little lower than his left???‚?¦ How to embarrass and humiliate the perpetrators and send them fleeing in shame; you can use this to multiply your credibility and reputation in an environment where trust is otherwise at an all-time low. This will enable you to promote nearly everything you sell in a vacuum. (DESPITE the fact that Britney Spears and Paintball and all your competitors and everyone else in the world is only one click away.)

How to take your OWN worst fear - of things you'd be utterly horrified to say to your very own customers - and do a complete 180. You'll see how this reliably generates the most persuasive, highest-impact email messages you've ever delivered to your audience, and it's EASY. Fast. Formulaic. Remarkable.

You're leaving 75% of YOUR money on the table if you only have only one email list. How to fix this problem in 2 weeks or less, with ease and simplicity.

A system that automatically adjusts the level of contact to your customers' attention span, so that everyone gets the amount of information they can absorb. No more, no less. A perfect match for everyone.

The secret reason why out of all the "power users" of InfusionSoft - prominent, well known authors, speakers and gurus, including some really famous ones - I get less spam complaints than anyone else

The Holy Grail of marketing is: A list of people who look forward to opening every email you send them. My philosophy of email marketing; laying the all-important foundation of respect, and why email is truly the center of the Internet universe.

How you can upload a stack of autoresponder messages without writing a single thing

The ideal relationship between your email list and your blog - and how to build a huge email list even in a skeptical, email-resistant, over-crowded market.

How to do my most-favorite thing: Take two seemingly unrelated ideas and seamlessly marry them.

"The Perry Marshall Magic." Roundtable Member Jamie Bridges is a Real Estate Coach in Southern California. His partner says to him, "James, send out another one of those Perry Marshall emails to the list." There's a particular spark of inspiration that those emails contain. Is it Voodoo? Is it The Force? No, it's a path that you can feel your way through. I'll bestow upon you the magic walking stick that leads you down that path.

A swipe file of the most effective email blasts I've ever sent. Most of them are NOT Autoresponder messages, or at least they weren't originally. But they generated an enormous response and I'll share them with you in the coaching program. Discover the psychology of an email that gets amazing results.

An embarassing list of subtle but fatal mistakes almost all marketers make. I'll show you how to tell a true email pro from a wanna-be and this list will make YOU an email pro too.

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