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Runtime DNA Merges With Daz3D

Today at 7:02 PM



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Dear Customer

We are very excited to make a groundbreaking announcement today. Runtime DNA Inc., and Daz3D recently merged. Yes, it’s true! We are thrilled to become part of one of the most successful companies in our industry and we want you to be the first to know.

In the past month we have been on site at Daz to witness so much of what they have to offer. The atmosphere for published artists and customers alike is outstanding. With active, helpful forums, a great customer service staff, and beautiful galleries, Daz is state of the art.

We’ve become part of a group of people who truly care about our success. Daz and Runtime DNA share the same core values with regard to you, the member and customer. It is one of most compelling reasons for us to take such a giant leap forward. Seeing is after all, believing. We had the chance to do so. As a result we are able to come to you today with such a powerful sense of renewal and confidence in our work, and what we are about to accomplish.

As many of you know, in July of 2015 we began releasing Daz Studio products into the Runtime DNA marketplace. An instant hit in our store, Daz users everywhere contacted us through email and on site to let us know how happy they were to see us making DAZ products. We had a decision to make, and the choice was clear. We built a new artistic platform for ourselves and we’re so proud to become part of the Daz team.

As we move in this powerful new direction we will work together with the web team at Daz to facilitate a smooth transition from Runtime DNA to DAZ. Right now, everything is the same, the store is open, and the forums are running. I am sure your questions are many so let us cover a few key points now so you know exactly how this will affect you and your purchases.

If you wish to merge your DNA account with your DAZ account, simply do the following:

If your login email address is the same at both sites, then you don’t need to do anything. As products migrate from DNA to Daz you’ll just see them show up in your account at Daz.

If you use a different email address at the two sites, please change the email address on your Runtime DNA account to match the one on your Daz Account.

If you do not already have a Daz account, please create one, using the same email address as you use on your account at Runtime DNA.

All your downloads at DNA are currently available through run**me*na.com and will be for several weeks. The forums and Gallery will remain open. Please continue as you are.

Product Support Teams from DAZ and Runtime DNA will work together to ensure any questions you have are easily and professionally managed.

We are forging a new way, a new life, and moving in a new direction. Runtime DNA is now at home inside the explosive world of Daz3D. The Daz commitment to excellence is unwavering. Their technology keeps growing and expanding in a fluid, dynamic atmosphere of unbounded creative strength. Runtime DNA has always been an artistic tour de force. Together the future is so much brighter. We’ve become one and we want you to join us. Be a part of it all!

Syyd, Colm and Eric

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